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So I took my first ATI test yesterday. Not sure if anyone is familiar with the ATI testing, I am not familiar with it myself. All I knew is here is the book you need to read, here is the date of the test, BE THERE!

Test took just about an hour. The questions on the test were nothing like the practice questions in the book. It was weird. I wasted hours reading this 750+ page book for almost nothing.

I tested in the Level 3 area, which is the highest. But I only scored an 80% which kind of shocked me because I actually studied and spent hours reading the book and doing the practice questions and reviewing the rationales. I was just a little frustrated.

But am super excited that I got a LVL 3!!!!! Few more weeks and I am done with my first year or nursing school. We graduate next June and I am already kind of counting down the days to pinning and graduation.

Oh, congratulations to all who are graduating. Hard work pays off.


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ATI can be a bit scary at first. I read the books and then backed them up with what I had all ready learned in school. You know now that I think of it we didn't get our ATI Fundamentals in till the end of the 1st semester either. The following semesters we got them around the beginning of the semester. They can be really helpful with all of your studying.

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we had our pharm one, and i tested at 70 level 2, then again, usually people have pharmacology lasts, not face first on the first semester!, I still passed the class with a great grade though

now we were handed the medsurge and the maternity one, but i was unable to look at them yet!

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We have our pharm ATI next year, second term (I think). Ehhhh. I am not really looking forward to the pharm one. I totally bombed our first pharm test. Got a 67%, OUCH!

I had to drive with my husband and brother-in-law from Oregon to Colorado a week before the test. My husbands grandfather was dying. I didn't get much studying done and made the mistake of not notifying the instructor.

I would have been able to take it later in the week if I would have said something to her.

So, since we only have 2 tests in pharm this term I have to get an 83 on the final to stay in nursing school. Can we say that there is a little bit of pressure on that. Ehhhhh, good thing the teacher thinks I will overcome this.

Now that I think about it I should probably close my laptop and open my pharm book.


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First congrats on LVL 3! I also scored in this area with an 89%! This was also my first semester taking ATIs...I had to take the OB ATI but we didn't have to take medsurg until after next semester of medsurg2. It IS confusing...but I did find that about 75% of the questions that were on my test actually came from the book and or the practice tests. I'm sorry that this wasn't your experience!! BUT sounds like you didn't need it!! I'm graduating in May of next year and getting excited too!! Best of luck to you this next year!!

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