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I'm graduating with a BSN in 47 days. I'm starting the application process now but have a question regarding having been fired from a job 2 years ago. I'm not sure how to handle this. Since I've had another job since then should I exclude it (worked there for 7 years)? If I do include it how do I explain having been fired? Seems to me that this would be an automatic disqualifier for an employer.


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If being fired was an 'automatic disqualifier', there are many of us (including me) who would have experienced a very early and involuntary retirement. Some job applications also ask you to indicate if you have ever been involuntarily terminated - answer truthfully.

No one is perfect. Make sure your resume is factual, listing your true job history because any jobs in which you had FICA deductions will show up. You don't have to go go into detail about why you left, just indicate the dates of employment. If you are asked in your interview, you can use the traditional "wasn't a good fit" a a reason for leaving. If the interviewer tries to probe deeper, you can just respond by saying you don't wish to speak negatively of a previous employer. That way, you aren't really lying - I'm sure that being fired was a negative experience for you.

Hang in there - there are many reasons for being terminated and most of them are pretty benign. No one is going to jump to any conclusions. Hold your head high and focus on the future.

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Even the POTUS has been fired a time or two...