Fired for going to college


Hi I started Nursing school on May while still worked as a waitress. My boss did not like me going back to school so she kept me with a reduced schedule for couple months during this time she will do anything to make my staying in there miserable and then she fired me. Would firing from a job will be a problem when I apply for Nursing jobs. Any thoughts?

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I don't think so. If you can manage to find another part time job (where the boss will be understanding of your goals) then you will not even need to mention what happened at this job in the future. I'm all about being truthful, so you could even state the real reason for leaving (if need be, in the future). You do not want to be in this toxic environment while in nursing school, so its probably for the best that this happened.

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You say that work and school did not mesh, and eventually you needed to leave. Focus on the positive, not the negative, unless you are questioned further.

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Yep... Happened to me. I took it as a sign and never looked back.


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I don't remember my undergrad school ever caring if I had a job or not, even the ones requiring a CNA mainly just cared if you had passed the CNA test.

Now my RN to BSN and BSN to MSN both wanted me to be a working professional.

I'm banking that you're in the clear but it is still specific to where you're going to school to decide.


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No, not from a waitressing job. Those people arent going to give a second thought about where you worked while you were in school.