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Finished Up My Second Semester


Hello fellow friends. I am proud to say that I just finished up my second semester of nursing school . It was tough. They split the semester up into Med Surg and OB. I did good in both, but they were hard. I think OB was the hardest. I start my third semester on June 1. It is also Med Surg. I am scared because it is going to cover fluids and eletrolytes. I have heard it was hard by some of the students that just graduated from the program. If anyone has any pointers on fluids and electrolytes I would appreciate it. I hope everyone has a great summer!!!!

Just go back to your A&P book (if you liked it) that is the real deal. (Cardiac, Renal, GI, Shock etc. stuff to look up assoc. with fluids) The nursing textbooks are kind of silly IMO. Also, if you haven't got one yet... get a NCLEX review book, check your library first... some have great sum it up reviews that almost can take the place of text in nursing textbooks and give you a quick overall picture, again, IMO. Take a look at a variety of them before you buy. :twocents:

Thing is, you need to be able to picture what is happening in the body... and this is directly from your A&P.

Go to a bookstore and look at Fluids and Electrolytes Made Incredibly Easy...it might help. I have used them before and some are good, but some aren't as good, so go thumb through it before you buy. You can do what I do; write down the ISBN number and go home and see if it's cheaper online. We had F&E in our 2nd semester med/surg class. Good Luck to you!:D

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