Finished my cna course just

Nursing Students CNA/MA


Need to take the state test. It's scheduled on the 23rd of August. that week I start some of my pre reqs for nursing as well.

Best of luck to you! I take my CNA exam on the 14th of August! So nervous :crying2:

Good luck to both of you! I'm so excited for the both of you. Just do anything you can to calm your nerves during the test and you should do fine :) Before the test started my team and I joked around and talked about old Nickelodeon cartoons so that really helped.


After you take the test, do you mind letting me know how hard it was? IM thinking of becoming a CNA.

Congrats and good luck with your exam!!:yelclap:

It wasn't overly difficult, but it was hard and definitely nerve-wracking! The written portion was mostly common sense. I was luckily one of the first to do the skills portion. The five skills I had were handwashing, counting respirations, ROM for knee and ankle, bedpan, and transferring from bed to wheelchair. I was so happy I passed!

Thank you every1 and congrats viburnum. I agree the written is a lot common sense. It's remembering every little step on the skills part that has me anxious.

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