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Finished with a C in chemistry


I'm so disappointed. Admittedly I didn't try that hard because I was on the fence with nursing but I can't imagine myself in any other profession. Its been my dream since I was a little girl. The nursing school I'm applying to says you can get lower then a C but I'm afraid it's still not good enough being a highly competitive school. Is it that much of a drag to retake a class? I absolutely hate chemistry :(

I know exactly how you're feeling. I just took my chem final last night and left crying because it literally was nothing like what we were learning throughout the semester. I would say if the school says you can have lower then a C you should still give it a try! Good luck!


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I imagine it is not fun at all. But I would still apply to the program with the C and then if they don't accept you, retake it. I feel like in sciences you have to try your best or it is so easy to do bad in since the courses have so much material that need to be covered. I did a similar thing with stats. I had a teacher that didn't help students with problems and would just do one homework question from the day before and then he was on to the next lesson. I had to withdraw because I had no idea what was going on. The moral of that story for me was always use ratemyprofessor always haha. Now I have to retake stats and it will probably stink :(

It's definitely not fun to retake a class, but if you were paying any sort of attention the first time through, it should make things easier. Also, depending on how the school you apply to views grades, a retake with a higher grade may erase the C to make you more competitive. I failed Chemistry the first time through (it's the one science I just can't seem to get a grasp on), but then I retook it and made a concerted effort to study harder, make use of all available resources (such as tutoring, online resources, Chemistry for Dummies, etc.), and I got an A. At my school, my A erased my F, which boosted my grade to make me more competitive and when I applied I got in :) I'd recommend a retake, tedious as it may be. It can only help you in the long run.

I also got a C in Chemistry, and an A in all other sciences. My nursing advisor told me not to worry about it because they know a lot of people have a difficult time with Chem. They were more concerned with how I did in A&P I and II and Micro. If you have time to retake it- great. But ask your advisor if they honestly think it is going to be something that prevents your acceptance into the program..I know for me it was keeping me up at night because I was worried about it, so I understand what you are going through.

Good luck with your application! Hopefully a retake isn't necessary. *fingers crossed* If you do repeat the course this is a solid resource that might help you.(or anyone reading this thread!) You sound passionate, so I'm sure everything will work out for the best.

It's not only you... Chemistry gives a lot of people trouble! :( If you do decide to take Chem again, the previous exposure that you got this semester will really help you with your grade next time. I took chemistry for two years in high school. I am so thankful that I did, even though I got Cs then... the exposure saved my grade now that I'm in college... if you ever do decide to retake chem, it can boost your competitiveness. best of luck!

If it makes you feel any better... I have to retake chemistry this spring because mine expired!!! I only passed last time because I'm convinced the professor graded on a very generous curb... Maybe retake it now while the info is still fresh? I too hated Chem - but had a not so great professor who is no longer teaching at my school... Good luck either way!