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Hello, everyone is their someone who had gone through fingerprinting for their application to Minnesota bon who is in Riyadh or who was in Riyadh before? I don't know how to process it here in Riyadh and I need to be able to send it in order for me to be able to take my nclex exam. I hope someone can help. Thank you

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MN government site has some information as follows:

Local Law Enforcement in any State or Foreign Country

Services, fees, location, and hours will vary by agency. To find a local fingerprinting service provider, contact local law enforcement and ask the following questions:

Do you offer fingerprinting services?

What is your fingerprinting fee?

What days and times are fingerprinting services available?

Do you use the current official FD-258 card? If not, may I bring my own?

Should I fill out the top part of the card prior to my appointment or will the information be printed on the card?

Not all law enforcement agencies provide fingerprinting services, but they are usually able to assist in referring other law enforcement agencies or private vendors in the area who provide the service.

FD-258 Fingerprint Card

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