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Fingerprinting Problems-what to do

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I got a letter from the Nevada State Board. They returned my fingerprints saying that the FBI rejected them due to poor quality.

I had these prints done at a police station in my local town.

WHERE can I possibly go to get quality finger printing done, if not a police station? ! ? !

I feel your frustration. You are correct......your first prints SHOULD have been good since it was done at the police station. Unfortunately, fingerprinting is not always done correctly even by people in the know (or who should know). Is it possible to go to another police station/sherrif office? I'd let them know what happened previously and ask for their most experienced person to do it for you (just in case).

Tips for fingerprinting in case you wish to visually "see" if they are done correctly.

1. Ink should be applied evenly from one edge of nail bed to the other and cover tip to the division of the first knuckle.

2. When someone else is doing fingerprints for you it is easier for them to get good quality prints if you make your hand into a limp noodle. Just makes it easier to manipulate since there is a lot of rotating involved.

3. When applying fingertip to paper, instead of pressing straight down on the paper, the digit should be rolled from one edge of nail bed to the other and then raised straight up (so as not to cause smudging). The print should resemble a block instead of an oval.

4. Visually inspect the results and look for uneven ink distribution or smudging. These two aspects are the problems that the FBI are probably having problems with.

Sorry you are having so much difficulty, I hope these tips may help you a little.

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