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Fingerprint check?

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Hello, in Arizona I know they check your fingerprint record- I was detained for being in the wrong place at the wrong time about 4 years ago. When this happened I was simply detained at the station until it was determined I had no connection with the crime- I cant remember if I was fingerprinted or not....is there a way to check? How can I find this out?

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A fingerprint clearance card doesn't mean that they are searching for if you have been fingerprinted before. It is basically a very thorough federal level background screen. It will find any infraction you have ever been charged with. If you were picked up and not charged with anything, then it wont even be a blip on the check for them. If you were charged and then later the charges were dropped, they will see that you were deemed to not be part of whatever was going on and it also wont matter. The fingerprint part of it is that they fingerprint you for past and future reference. If you committed a crime in the past but it was unsolved and all they had is your prints, then it will flag them that there is a case involving your fingerprints. It will also be used for future reference. My fingerprint example is a wild reason for needing the fingerprint but I hope you get the idea. It is basically making your you have not committed major crimes and don't have your fingerprints in the system for a crime you committed. Being booked, and subsequently let go once it was realized you weren't part of the issue wont matter. Gl

Awesome! Yeah I was detained- but no charges where ever filed against me- so you're saying that even if they did print me(cant remember it was so long ago) as long as I was never convicted, or charged and then charges dropped, that I should be good to go? THank you for your help in both this matter and my other post!