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Hi! I am new to this website..I'm sorry, I'm not sure if this is the right forum to ask my concern.

I'm a nurse from Philippines and currently residing here in Florida. I already passed the NCLEX exam that i took December 2009 but didn't have the time to renew it. It expired and now i'm trying to reapply 'cause apparently all my records were destroyed since i didn't get the chance to renew it before it expired. I'm now required to submit a manual fingerprint since i'm here in Florida. I would like to know if it's possible to obtain a fingerprint card somewhere in California other than the California Board of Registered Nursing? I don't know how long it will take for the California board to send me the card if I send them a request through mail. i'm sure it'll take weeks before they send me the card. I have a relative in San Francisco and I was wondering if they could get a fingerprint card somewhere near their place and mail it to me instead so that it'll be faster?

Thank you so much! :)


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Georgia state allow to obtain finger print card fd-258 I think and you go to police center (for Nyc) and do finger print. After that I have to mail them ..


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You should be able to get a fingerprinting card for your local precinct, who can also do the fingerprinting. I live in NY and been having problems getting it done at the precinct. I called indentogo (I think that the name) and was told I can go to a private place to get it done and they usually supply cards.


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Yeah, it says FD-258 fingerprint card. So do mean to say that I could just go to the police center here in Florida, get the card, have my fingerprint there and submit it to California Board? :) is it the same thing? :)


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Oh okay.. So you're saying that i could have it done here and just send it to California Board? :) It's not necessary that I should get the fingerprint card from California Board? :)


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In order on eBay. They are cheap. 5$ 10 of them and you need to do 3 of them only. In case one of is return to you due not able to read.. Oh will need to send second one. According Georgia state. I am not sure if police center give it to you. The card provided by FBI.


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Nevermind, was wrong.

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I had to go through the same process. I requested for the finger print card from the TX BON...They sent it through the mail with instructions. I went to my local police department and got my finger prints for free...


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Im in the process of filling up my fingerprint card,im a nurse from the philippines and applying for examination in the state of florida.

I received the fingerprint cards with instructions on it,and it says i could use other official government issued identification(does not have to be the U.S government),does that mean i can use the TIN issued here in the Philippines?

Thanks in advance for a reply.