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Finding a Nevada NP Preceptor

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Hello! I am hoping for some advice here. I am in my last year of FNP school and am beginning clinicals. I had an extremely hard time finding a preceptor, I finally found one in February 2020, I had been in contact with him often to ensure I was providing him as well as the office manager details on what I need as a student as well as following up throughout the pandemic to ensure we were good to go. Well Yesterday I logged into my InPlace to see that "although he would like to help this student (me), he refuses to sign the affiliation agreement". This gives me literally a week to find another site, or I will be pushed back. I am okay with being pushed back if necessary - but I have called nearly 120 offices to see if they will precept me, and most of them were immediate "no's" due to the pandemic, some of them already have medical students, and some of them are going to look to get back to me. I am near Elko Nevada, but I am willing to go all the way to Reno/Carson City if needed . Does anyone have any suggestions for me? Thank you in advance.


I am in the same position, only I have completed 2 rotations already. My employer won’t work with my school as they referred to it as “schools r us”. It is extremely frustrating. The organization I work for is no better than the school. As much work as I’ve put in and they harass me and demean me for not attending a local school. The organization has no educational leadership to speak of them selves.I’m finding the schooI I chose also has no organization to place students in a clinical spot- it is ridiculous!
I thought I had secured a different site, but as you stated the Dr. submitted everything back except a page of the affiliation agreement and the contract remains pending.

3 classes left of an entire program- and I’m at a standstill.....

Are you also looking in Nevada? I am so sorry your work is viewing your school like that! I wish I could get preceptor-ship through my work, but I work in the Emergency Department, so I can't do any type of preceptor-ship there only family medicine, internal medicine, pediatrics, or skilled. This will be my first clinical, but the program I attend the clinicals are back loaded - so I have three classes left but can not start the next class until I have placement. I am OK with people saying no, but I feel like this doctor and their office strung me along and then decided last minute that never-mind - they don't want a student. I can not imagine what would be in the affiliation agreement that was different than the preceptor guidelines and preceptor agreement that he previously signed. I just wish that I knew before, because now I look like a spaz calling a million places and saying "Okay, let me know by tomorrow if possible", It looks like I have been lazy when in fact up until yesterday I was so excited, bragging about getting to do my preceptor-ship at a local family practice.

I am continuing to call everyone I can today, up to a 6 hour drive away from me.

I’m in Wisconsin, I also can’t complete in patient setting at work In the hospital as I’m in the FNP program, so I as you need the setting to be out of the acute setting.
I hope that you find a preceptor for the next start date. Good luck ! I will continue to try and locate one as well for my 3 remaining clinical needs. I’m sorry for all of us that this process is so complicated and difficult.

I hope you can too! Hopefully the process becomes easier for those behind us.

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Finding one in Nevada is going to be a bit of a gamble...Ba da boomp!!😁

I'm here all week...try the veal!