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Hi friends!!!

I have a question. Can anyone tell me how easy/difficult it was to find nursing jobs after graduation. I am very aware of the shortage and all, however, I was was just wondering if anyone experienced any difficulties in finding work after grad. Thanks for sharing !

I sent out some resumes and had nurse recruiters call me within the week. I already have interviews lined up and I don't graduate until Oct. So no, I doubt you will have problems!


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from what i've been told, there will be recruiters at our school long before we graduate trying to recruite people. (heard that from both former students and the faculty). i've got some friends that have gone thru the same program that i'm in and NONE of them had any problems getting employment.


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You won't have any problems. I still get almost daily recruiting notices in my mailbox and on the answering machine and I have been an RN (and working) for 7 years!

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I'm moving right after graduation next month. I sent out 6 resumes in March & set up 5 interviews for April over spring break. I received 4 offers. I start in July!!!!


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