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I finally passed by NCLEX in CA after over 2 1/2 years of being out of nursing school. I have a BSN and recently got updated certifications for ACLS and BLS. My concern now is that I've been out of school for so long that no one will want to hire me. I always had hopes of getting into a new grad program because I really wanted the extra training to enhance my skills but I've pretty much lost hope at this point because of how long it's been since graduating. Most programs have a strict policy that you must have graduated within 1 year. I have also lost contact with all my college professors and have no letters of recommendation. I'd say my resume doesn't look so great.

I'm desperate to find a job so I'm looking for any advice. I don't know that without a preceptorship that I will be competent in all of my skills since I haven't used them since school. Do hospitals hire new nurses aside from a new grad program? Or do long term care or acute facilities want nurses with no experience and if they did hire me would I have to start out being completely independent or would they train me?

It's already so competitive in CA so I'm feeling a little lost in this job hunt... Any ideas or help would be greatly appreciated!


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Hi there,

This is probably not much help but ask for certain if the new grad programs accept students with less than 1 year of RN experience or students less than 1 year of graduating. There is a HUGE difference! Therefore, the less than 1 year of RN experience should apply to you since you have never practiced as a nurse yet (regardless of how long ago you have graduated).

But of course, please confirm with the facility's new grad program manager first if you can still apply. Sorry this wasn't much help but I wish you the best in your search and congratulations on passing NCLEX! You CAN AND WILL find a job, I'm sure! :)

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