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Finding Entry Level BSN Job in Nevada

by PrayingToPass PrayingToPass (Member)

What time frame I should expect to find first entry level job? How many applications did you send out before you got hired as a new grad? What finally set you up to get your first big break? Do you know of any programs in Nevada that hire or train new grads? What type of position do you recommend for a job while waiting to get hired as an RN? What are the odds I will get hired faster with a MSN versus BSN? Is there a "hot" specialty to be in for the near future? ~ God Bless You! O:-)

I go to school in Nevada and know someone who got a job at a local hospital right out of nursing school with his BSN. It was at Renown in Reno and they do train new grads. You won't necessarily get hired with an MSN faster just like someone with a BSN doesn't necessarily get hired faster than some with an ADN. Most hospitals prefer BSNs and it's not required to have an MSN to be an RN.