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Financial stability while in an accelerated nursing program

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Hi there. I am currently in an ABSN program. My experience is different than yours, so I am not sure how much help I will be.

Here is my experience: I worked like crazy the two years leading up to my program as a waitress and CNA. I am talking near 80 hours every week. I was able to save a lot of money doing this. I found an AWESOME program that I love. The ticket price tuition is much higher than what I am paying. I was able to get almost 70% of my program funded by merit scholarships offered by the school. Look into scholarship opportunities both internally and externally where ever you apply.

I currently live with my parents, and it is a tremendous help. I know that is not an option for you, but do you have extended family? If not, can you find a roommate to lower housing costs?

I work 8-16 hours a week at the hospital and as needed as a waitress. I find this to be manageable during my accelerated program. Every person and every program is different. It has been enough cash to cover my car and other living expenses.

Other ideas: I know there are loan forgiveness programs offered by the government and various employers. The tuition reimbursement is not very substantial at my current job, but it is something.

Like other posters have said, there are a variety of different nursing school tracks. I know my school offers a few different accelerated paces. Obviously, the slower ones give you more time to work. Will an extra year or two make a big difference to you in the long run if you are able to have some income during your program?

Is it important that you live in NYC or are you willing to explore schools in more affordable cities?

Good luck to you!

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