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I inherited money from my grandparents passing. If I move that money into my mom's bank account, would I get more financial aid or would it be questioned that the money was moved? The money I received is going toward my education like books, to the difference from the financial aid, and also for health insurance which is $2,115 a year. My school is's around $16,000 per semester. Nursing students pay an extra $1,000/semester for lab fees. I need to squeeze all the financial aid I can get. The money I inherited is about $15,000 and I have about $2,000 more saved from work.

I have talked to the financial aid office at my school, but I would like to ask here also. Thank you.


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in my experience what you have in your account is not really factored. In fafsa doesnt ask for your account numbers.

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It also depends on how old you are and where you live, a lot of things get taken into account. I think now if you are under 24 they consider your parents financial assets. I think. My advice is going to be listening to your financial aid people.