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Well i was accepted and had registered for my pre req classes and received a letter about financial aid, that they needed my 1040 (tax return) and I faxed it over like the day after received the letter about it. They let me know they received everything. I never got anything that said If i received financial aid or not and the deadline to pay for the summer classes was coming up so I got worried, well they deadline has now passed and I logged onto my school acount and I'm no longer registered to take those classes, i have been booted out because I didn't pay the fees but i was waiting to see if I received financial aid and i STILL have not received something saying I did or didn't...Is this normal??


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I don't know how your school handles those situations, but I had a almost similar incident happen to me. There was only a few days left before registration and my financial aid had not been approved yet because I needed to fill out some more forms. So I just went to the registering office, put the tutition on my credit card and that way I was able to register on time and a few weeks later my financial aid came in and I paid off my credit card. When financial aid sees that you have paid the tutition, they will divert that money that they would have used for your tution and send it back to you with the rest of your financial aid money.

I don't know if this will work for you but you should pay as soon as possible if you can and then you can worry about the financial aid.


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At our school, if the money is not going to be there by the final due date, you need to go into the financial aid office and set up a payment arrangement, even if you are waiting on financial aid. If you don't, the computer automatically drops you from the courses you are registered for. Frustrating, but I think fairly normal for schools to do this.

Go on in and costs twenty-five bucks to get put on the payment plan where I am, and the financial aid is usually straightened out before the first major payment is due. With luck, maybe you have something similar.


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Unfortunately, this happened to me as well. In my program, students must take A & P 1 before you can even apply to the nursing program. I was registered to take A&P for the fall semester, which was the latest I could take it because the nursing registration deadline was Feb 1. If I took A&P in the Spring semester, it would not be finished before the application deadline. So anyhow, I was waiting on a grant I had been given to pay for my tuition. Well, the payment deadline came (and went), and they never paid. The next day I happened to check my registration online and my class had been dropped. I begged and pleaded and cried, but the class was then full, and I was out of luck.

This mistake literally cost me one year. I had to wait til the next Feb to apply to the nursing program. But I learned from it, and will never let a deadline pass before I actively persue my payment schedule.

Good luck.

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