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financial aid fears and questions


Hello I am about to request to be reinstated into nursing school after leaving 5 years ago due to health issues and financial aid problems. I now own a home and my cost of living has increased. To go back into the program I will need to leave my full time retail management job that is paying all of my bills. I have about 18 months of classes to take unless they add more due to the 5 year absence. My financial need is estimated at about $60,000 for 2 years due to cost of living. How long typically does the process from graduation to state board test and then being hired take:confused:? Has anyone had to take out this much and do you know about loan forgiveness from foundations or hospitals in Dayton Ohio? I am afraid of losing my house and of not being able to make the loan payments with my current mortgage payments after graduation. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I can't imagine student loans being enough to pay a monthly mortgage, utilities, and other bills, on top of groceries and transportation costs. But then again, I'm thinking in terms of government backed loans.

There are a lot of people who work full-time and manage to get through nursing school--it's very doable.

I agree with the above poster. Tons of people work and go to school. I can imagine using student loans to pay all my expenses. My rent and electricity alone are over $1000 a month. But good luck with whatever u choose