Finals Completed!!!

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Took my last final today and begin residency in 2 weeks (18th). w00t! I can't wait!


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Great job! Onward and upward. Good luck with your residency and keep us posted as you can. I know you are going to be very busy. Sure do appreciate all the info and encouragement you have been providing on this site.


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Congrats, and good!!


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Good Luck with your residency!


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I've got one final left and I only need to get 3 questions right on it to have a 4.0 for summer term (12 hours of undergrad)!!! I'm thrilled! Good luck with your residencey!


Awesome, let us know how it goes!


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Congratulations, I know how you feel, I just finished mine, and I have to say it was way more stressfull than I thought. it would have sucked to blow it at theis point. Especially with 40,000 in tuition loans to repay.

I start clinicals in Sept. and can't wait. Meanwhile I am off to the AANA conference today.

Good luck.


ps, blog to follow conference.

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