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Finally took Teas!, but...


Hi guys so I finally took my TEAS and my results were okay as a first, I admit I didn't really sit and practice that much but...my score was

ATI TEAS|64.7%||65.6%|48Proficient




English and Language Usage|41.7%||66.3%|6

The average mean for the program itself is : 66.1

My score is 64.7

National mean : 65.6

Being that the Teas just became a requirement for this upcoming fall entry is crucial that I shall retake it again?

I see I scored very low on English which I didn't consider to study...surprising. I don't really understand these means and scores can someone enlighten me little bit 😌 and what my optjons are in terms of, is it worth spending more money to retake this to do better...thanks!

How competitive has the program been historically in regard to GPA and such? If there's generally a lot of applicants and the GPA of those accepted is generally high, I would probably hedge my bets and take it again for a higher score since there isn't previous applicant's TEAS scores to compare to. That score can be okay for some programs but is too low for others.

The program mean is just the average composite score for test takers who indicated they were going into a similar program (ADN program, BSN program). The national mean is the average of everyone's scores for that section. You then have the national percentile rank, which is the percentage of people who had the same or lower score than you. I haven't seen a program that cares about the percentile rank and most just want your actual score.

Oh ok G.P.A isn't that high. Its average, 2.5.

Thanks for the response.

I would take it again. I take my first attempt on May 30, BEFORE even starting my prereqs bc I have a BS degree and only need to take 4 classes before I would be able to start nursing school, but only need to take A&P before applying. So I plan on taking the test twice...once before A&P, and once after. I know I won't score great before A&P, but am using this opportunity to view it as a "practice," so I know what to expect on the next test. The cost is a bummer, but I think it is worth it. Take advantage of taking it again!!

You should find out more about your TEAS score from an advisor at your school. Some nursing schools have a minimum score (in my experience, it's usually around 65-70%) and then they have the average score of those who get in. In order to be competitive to any of the programs I am applying to, I need to have at least an 80%, but I really need to shoot for an 85-90%, I think, in order to comfortably secure a spot.

It might be worth looking into retaking the TEAS, but some schools factor in the TEAS score differently, and the average TEAS score for accepted students differs from school to school.

You probably won't make it it in with that score if you're trying to apply for ADN or BSN. You have a low gpa and teas score, so I suggest you retake some classes and retake teas.

Thanks Reckgirlz, I also obtained my bachelors before focusing on nursing school. The teas is not that difficult. If you have a teas study app and can do practice test I think that's all you need. The English section is quite complex to study for. I was looking at my study app and saw some thing I couldve get right. I just don't like to follow study schedule. I had a 30 teas guarantee guide but couldn't even do that :sarcastic: lol.

It'll only be 3 nurses if we did that DW. We gonna keep taking those classes till we get that goal score. Then were going to be walking prerequisite bots.

Opalbee, yes, I found out what it was thank you. Its just that this is the first time the school is requiring this pre-entrance test.

How was the science section? where they basics questions like what secrets this ? or was it more in depth/ confusing ?

Nahnuhh the science section wasn't in dept at all. You really just have to know certain terms and basic anatomy and physiology like about how the heart function, know the differences between the right and left (rich blood/poor blood) and for example an for muscle would be like mysin and actin works togeither to cause muscle contractions.

I say some really good flashcards from the app store would work. I didnt get through mine but I do remember seeing some things that I could have gotten correct on the test if I would have spent more time taking in the study.

To be honest I wouldn't even get the teas book if I took it over...you can just practice online.

Thank you!!