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finally took the leap! Second degree BSN here I come!


Hello all, well, after thinking about it for years, being stuck in health desk jobs that I hate, grappling with going back for prereqs, talking to a million nurses, docs, profs and admissions officers and reading a million threads here, I am doing it. I enrolled in AP1 and Chem for January 11 and I am going with my gut to go back to get a second bachelors BSN!

I am a bit scared but really excited. I start volunteering at GW hospital in a couple weeks and I will give notice at my job in a few as well. I am really happy that I finally went for it. Thanks to many of you on this board for all your great advice and inspiration! :)

Yay! That is exciting. I'm leaving my job in January and starting prereqs in the Spring. I'm pretty excited and also nervous. Still wondering if I have what it takes, but I think a lot of people feel that way when they make a big change.

Kjj007, congrats! We are in the same boat then! I wonder if I have it but I believe deep down that I do. Are you switching careers?


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I started back this semester and will give notice to my job in a couple of months.

I have been working as a horticulturist/ arborist for the last 7 years. So now instead of thinking of the health of the plants it will be the health of people. :)

kjj007 - wow, that is amazing. How long did it take you to make the leap to nursing? Whats prereqs are you taking in the Spring? I am excited for A&P but not chem, its the only class I am worried about taking.


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CCC12 - how are the prereqs so far?

Well I had started them fresh out of high school and went 2yrs and then dropped out..got married started a family...so I dont have as many left anymore as I once did.

This semester Im taking A&P though which is hard but worth it, and next semester Im taking microbiology and possibly math for meds.

so far ive taken eng 1, nutrition,chemistry w/lab,biology w/lab,gen psych, sociology.

I still need Eng 2 or Speech and a humanities.

Chemistry and AP so far have been the hardest ones for me..the others seemed pretty easy.


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I also took intro to nursing,.which is no longer required..oh and a computers for nursing class..which is also no longer required.

I'm taking Anatomy, Chemistry, Lifespan Development, two theology classes (required for where I'm applying) and then finishing up my two final masters courses for public affairs.

I've been looking into for the past 6 months. I really got interested in it after I had my son and my husband suggested I go to this open house for one of the schools this past summer.

Congrats! I made the same decision about a year and a half ago. Now, I just have one more class to complete in the spring and I have been accepted to an accelerated BSN program next fall. Good Luck!

kjj007 - I think that we have talked a few months back! Good to hear from you again now that we are both about to start. Are you applying to Georgetown by any chance? I thought maybe because of the theology classes.

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Congrats on your decision. I'm a career changer too. My ABSN program begins Jan 3, 2011 (Orientation is Dec. 1st). My life will be consumed by this program for 15 months, but excited about it all. Wish you all the best in your prerequisites and your prospective school.

Ardneth & mzchas - congrats to both of you! How has the journey been so far? How have you enjoyed your prereqs? What lead you to nursing? Any advice?

It's been a long journey so far. I had to take a number of pre-reqs (A&P I and II, chemistry, intro to sociology, microbiology, and nutrition. Some I never had and some I had to retake since i've been out of school for more than 5 years. I've only been taking about 1 pre-req a semester since I'm currently working full time in IT and as such, tend to work well over 40 hours a week.

For me, I grew up working in hospitals. One of my parents is a hospital administrator, so anytime I needed a job during summers or breaks, I had one. I worked as an patient care aide, radiology clerk, physical therapy tech, lab tech, insurance billing, and even as a phlebotomist for about 6 months during college. When I originally went to school, I thought about going into the medical field since I enjoyed working with patients so much, but ultimately decided to turn my hobby (computers) into a career. And while I have a very very good career, it has managed to turn something I used to love into something that I've come to dread. So, I decided it was time for a change.

Ardneth - great story, that is amazing that you have had so much experience in a hospital setting. I worked in health communications for the past 5 years and worked at GW hospital's med school while getting my MPH. That pretty much solidified any thoughts I had about nursing before. I will be quiting my day job to do 2 classes a semester and bartend to pay the bills. There is no way that I could stay at this job and do lecture and lab each week.

What ABSN are you going into?

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I guess I'm the lucky one, because it wasn't a long journey for me. I only needed to knock out 6 prerequisites and I did just that in 2 semesters. The other prerequisites made it within the 10 years mark.

I've always wanted to be in the medical field, in fact since high school I wanted to be a PA (Physician Assistant). However, I got to college and changed my mind so many times that I finally settled on a degree. Four years later, I was laid off and took this as a second opportunity to do what I should have done. However, going back to CC to take my prerequisites, I realized many people have returned to school. I ended up having to take classes among 2 different colleges, because I got closed out of one class and refused to wait another semester for that class to be available. Sometimes you have to do what you have to do and I'm glad to be done and moving on. With my ABSN program, I don't need to worry about fighting for classes. Instead of going the PA route, I've decided to go for the FNP.

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