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Finally - I passed one of my worst subjects

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I am 3 classes away from completing my pre-reqs. I am one of those people that really sucked at math and I allowed it to hold me back for quite some time. I decided last year that I would go back to school (after all you do go to school to learn, right?), and do whatever it takes to become a nurse. Well, I did way better than I ever thought would . I got an A in my class:yeah::lol2:. Yay me! I am so happy and now I'm off to conquer the rest of my pre-reqs. Thanks for listening!!!!!

God Bless,



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Yay!! Congrats :] And keep up the good work and good spirits. I have a calculus for business and social science class next semester (not for nursing obv.) and I'm taking it my second time and I plan on having a much better attitude and like you I will not let it hold me back!! Woohoo, way to go! :yeah:

Congrats! Good luck with the pre-reqs!

I am finishing intermediate algebra, hate math too. I dropped it once and am really struggling through it, but have an 80.5 right now. I am hoping to keep my B!!!

lotsof luck to you!:nurse:


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Thank you, guys. I love this site for all of the support and encouragement. I hope everyone does well and get the grades needed to move forward into their prospective careers.

God Bless,


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