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Hello guys! I took my exam in july 11, 2012 had 250's Q's for 4 hours I never realized that I was sitting there for that long and I did not take a break even though I can feel I am getting hungry I just wanna be done stat! lol! I'll give you a short story of my journey to inspire other test takers. I graduated with a BSN in 2006, ( yes that was 6 years ago) while waiting for my papers to be process in the BON I made a step to take a LVN exam and passed on 1st try. Months passed by and BON gave my eligibility to sit my NCLEX RN exam, and that time I was working at the Hospital on one of the high census ward, I asked my supervisor If I can use my Vacation Leave so that I can sit and study for my upcoming exam. She gave me a week (yeah right 1 wk to absorb everything) as expected I failed my exam. I resigned because it was stressful job and the ff year took the exam for 2nd, third time and still failed and I was taking it for granted because I knew that I can just pay the reapplication and retake it again without thinking that it's affecting my ego and to the point that I am scared to take the exam and what If I failed again. So, I hide the fear and face a new challenge when I got a job in a outpatient Hemodialysis first I like it cause it was a new experience but there's a limitation because I'm LPN only. And last year after I got married, I scheduled my exam but unfortunately I missed my exam date and I was crying because I knew it was my fault and I wasted money again. After went through the grieving process, I submit an application again for the 5th time and I promised to myself that was the last time that I will give money to the Board of Nursing (lol).

April 2012, I talked to one of the senior nurse from the hospital and she was asking me when can she see my RN license, so I told her I am busy at work I don't have time to review ( yeah, I gave all the rationalization, intellectualization all the "tion", lol) but she did not accepted it & she told me "You have BSN and you are working with Pt. Technicians that mostly are High School graduate, you're a loser, if you want to get your RN make a time if you need to resign to study do it because the company don't care about you," it hurts but its true. That was the time that I accepted the fact that I'm a loser if I won't make it. So, I talked to my Nurse Manager about my situation and she was kindly to suggest changing my status from Full Time to Part Time. And I explain to my husband the consequences of less hours>less money but he was so kind to understand my situation ( best hubby in the world).

I started my self review in April 12th, read Saunders Comprehensive and purchased Kaplan On Demand, aiming for for 150Q's a day with a average score of 50's-low 60's and whenever I missed a question I read the rationale and have this notebook to write down topics that needs to be familiarize. Days before my exam date I went to church and pray to St. Jude, St. Joseph, and Mother of Perpetual Help to enlighten me and to help me overcome this examination.

July 11th,no one knows that I will be taking my exam I drove to the testing center went inside and did the fingerprinting ( which I have done it couple times before,lol) I was aiming for 75Q's only but I guess the computer was challenged and I reached 250's for 4hours. Actually, the exam wasn't really that bad it wasn't Hard nor Easy. Half an hour after taking the test I tried the PVT (it does work) this was the most nerve wracking ever! when I hit submit and got the Good Pop Up I cried and thanking God for guiding me. After 4 days I saw my name on BON with my License Number I was crying, screaming and praising God.

My tips to all re takers and future RN's: just give your best, discipline and prioritize your plans, you might sacrifice few things but towards the end after u see your License Number it will be wooooorth it!!!!!! Wooop Wooop! Oh, one thing I deactivated my FB cause it's a distractor. If something that I can help feel free to message me. Good Luck to all!!! To God be the GLory! God is good all the Time!

P.S. My husband has no idea that I took my exam & I passed, he is currently deploy right now and he is coming the end of the month and I can't wait to tell him the good news!!!!!! Thank you for reading my long story. MSMITH, BSN RN signing off :)

Congratulations!!!:yeah: I am on the same page as you were but i am not giving up until i kill the monster.I am so desperate to see that title behind my name.I believe that day is not that far.You really are a true inspiration :)

What an amazing story. CONGRATS! :yeah:

@ AspiringRN2b: Thank You! Don't ever give up! I will pray for you and just believe to yourself that you will get it! :)

@ nmama218: Thank you!

Pearson vue trick works! My husband passed RN!

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