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After a LOT of hurdles and discouragement I finally got accepted into my community college and registered for classes today. I will begin finishing up my pre-reqs starting in two weeks. I got a little discouraged because I found out there is no way I will be able to apply for the clinical sequence until next Fall 2013 and if I am accepted it will be 2014 before I can start clinicals. At 47 I want to do this NOW but I know all good things are worth waiting for. :) I'm so excited to begin this new chapter in my life!

On a different note, when I went in today I discovered that someone else's SAT score had been entered onto my record! They were acting so odd and telling me I couldn't take the classes I wanted and finally they said it had to do with my terribly low SAT score. I have never taken the SAT in my life! They had a score of 200 on my file! I couldn't believe it! They argued that I had taken it this year!! After a lot of back and forth, they finally agreed that I have never taken the SAT and my ACT was taken in 1980 and I had an excellent score (not that it matters they won't accept an ACT that old) Anyway, I just wanted to tell everyone to make sure and check what is on their record!! If this hadn't come to light I could have been denied admission completely to even to the prenursing program all because of faulty data entry! So returning students beware!

Somebody told me today that they looked up my file and I had received my Associates degree in 2010... I actually got my associates in 2007 haha.

Wow that's crazy and sadly not very surprising! Good thing you found out! Good luck with your classes!

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Unfortunately, for those of us who did undergrad work before the "era of computers", we're having to deal with a lot of data entry errors. When my previous school switched from typed files to computers in the mid 90s, they made an error on my transcript. It showed an F in English!!! :eek: I graduated cum laude and only had 2 B's, the rest were A's. I had to go through a BUNCH of red tape with the college to get it fixed. The good news is that my cum. GPA was entered correctly. I had to keep pointing out that if you added up the scores, it didn't match. Luckily, I kept a copy of my last report card (when they still issued report cards!!!) so we were able to get the grade changed. What a hassle!!!!!

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