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Well it's official now, no longer resource and full time Oncology come Sunday, thought about working Saturday night for one last resource shift for the money before my pay deduction takes effect but signed up for $15 stipend Sunday night instead.... I'm so excited about this change I'm making and so eager to be a part of something I feel so strong about. I worked Oncology today (days... ouch, I am not a morning person but pulled my butt after the rest of my body after 2pm but did pretty good I have to admit), and my "new" charge nurse came on tonight and after we had given report she gave me a very nice pen, says "Oncology nurses, everyday heroes", I almost cried. I am scared though I have to admit, I know so little but I will learn everything I need to know, plus more just to be a really good Oncology nurse. Sorry for rambling lol, just pretty darn excited about all this. :)


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Congratuations!! Im sure you'll do great!


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Congratulations! :D

I did 7 1/2 wonder (and painful) years on a heme-onc/BMT before becoming an ICU/CCU nurse. Although it was very tough at times, it was always rewarding to work on that particular unit.

It still do, by the way, work on that heme-onc unit. It's on a per diem basis. And I can see myself working in some capacity in oncology for years to come.

Good luck! And keep us informed of your progress! :)


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So very happy and excited for you. Hope you learn lots and lots.

You GO !!! :D


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I love that : oncology nurses, everyday heroes!!

It is so true.


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Third World Girl, Good for you. I started out in Oncology and stayed with it for 10 years, what a great 10 years!! I learned so much and feel I touched many lives. I know I am a better person, nurse and Instructor because of it. You go for it and hang in there, I know you will do great. SHull:lol2:


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I am happy for you and hope you enjoy it as much as I have. I have worked for 2.5 yrs in this field, 5 yrs in Hospice before this and love them both.

One piece of advice I can give you is to get and read the book Oncology Nursing Secrets by Gates and Fink.

I am studying for my Oncology certification andj ust came across it. Wish I would have read it 3 years ago!


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Congrats!! I'm very excited for you. :balloons:

I'm just starting out. I start school in about a week and I ultimately want to get into oncology. I've been passionate about cancer for many years but was previously in an aviation career and just now (at 31) got the courage to take this huge step forward.

I hope it's everything you hoped it would be.


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Congratulations! My first RN job was in Oncology. I honestly thought it would be an easy first job because I thought I would have time to sit and talk with the patients and help them through the dying process. Boy is the opposite ever true! I didn't know about hanging chemo and blood products and TPN and MS drips, etc etc etc. No time to even comfort your patient or their family! To me, the most difficult part was dealing with the families in denial. I would always be thinking "didn't the doctor tell the family what's going on with this patient?"

Anyway, now I work in a jail! Talk about polar opposites!

I have to admire you onc nurses, it is such a tough job. My best to all of you!


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