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Finally a call back!!!


I finally got a call back yesterday! I am so super excited. The position is at a hospital that is down the street from me for a per diem telemetry position. The phone interview went extremely well, we talked for about 45 mins. He even went over the pay and what I would be starting out at which he says he normally doesn't do over the phone. So that made me really hopeful they will call me back to setup a face to face interview. Oh and I guess I owe my call back to my grandma because she works there and told them they needed to call me. But hey its a hospital job and I will take it lol. So any pointers on the face to face interview?? And how long do you think before they call me to set it up? :w00t:

WannaBNursey, ADN, ASN, RN

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When I had my first phone interview, the interview was with a general HR representative and the nurse manager on the hiring floor called two days later, with this last phone interview, the nurse manager called me herself, gave the phone interview and is having me do a face to face interview today. She was kind enough to tell me that she would be giving a behavioral interview. I looked it up and I realized that those were always the hardest for me questions to answer. Look up behavioral interviews and review those types of questions and have good stories in place. In my experience, it takes a bit of practice to get comfortable with them.

While this is my first strictly behavioral interview, my last hospital interview asked behavioral questions (I need to find another word for interview). Make sure you know why you want to work at this hospital, and if you're being hired for a specific floor, look up as much info as you can about that floor. Chances are you'll be asked why you specifically want to work on that floor.

Good luck! If you have confidence in yourself, you can't go wrong.

Thanks for letting me know what to expect! Yea the phone call was with the recruiter for the hospital, he said he was forwarding the application with his remarks to the hiring manager of the dept that he thought I would fit in and would get back to me in a couple of days. He also asked me those behavior questions which lol always suck but I got through it pretty good. So hopefully I will back from them sometime this week.. ugh I am so nervous and so ready to just start working lol!