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Finally Accepted!!


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I finally got accepted into EC....& completed my admission forms & enrollment fee!!:nurse: I'm soooo excited!! & yes I know that I did not HAVE to enroll until after my 1st nursing course, but I have reasons that I needed to enroll right away. I'm just so excited!! YAY ME!!!:yeah:

Congats!! I can't wait for my accceptance.

congrats!!! it sure is a good feeling!!!

Congratulations on this first step. Now get rolling and sign up for your first exam!


Specializes in wound care, sub-acute, community nursing.

:hrns&wlcm: WElcome to the EC madness!!! My advisor told me to start with transitions (not sure why) she said it was a good foundation to start with. My next one will be Health safety. Like Cali said....get your study materials then book your exam to give yourelf a deadline, otherwise you can study to oblivion. Transitions is very boring material, I'll be glad when I'm done with the exam!!!:yawn: