Final Exam Tuesday, then 3 week break!

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Gotta love those 3 week breaks. I will be having surgery on 12/13/04 and then recovering for the 3 week break.

I'm praying for a 94 on the final, because then my class grade will be an A!


But, I will be happy to pass! :rotfl: :p :balloons:


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I have 3 finals this week and 2 the following and then I'll have my 3 week break. I'm gonna use my break to plan my wedding in January, get caught up on house work, and some much needed relaxation.

I'm doing ok in all my classes except Fundaments because I have a very low C in there and I need to Ace the exam to pass the class. I don't want to wait another year to take another class. But I'm strong and confident and I'm not gonna worry about it unless there is a need too.

Good luck with you're surgery Amy! I know 3 weeks is plenty of time to recover.

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Good Luck with the surgery and Good lucK with the wedding


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