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hi! I am a nurse in the Philippines and I would like to practice my profession in other country. I already have an IELTS though I have an average of 7, I did not get a 7 in all bands. Would you know a country which accepts these grades?

thank you.

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Your IELTS score is not your main concern. You need to consider what visa you will qualify for and where you will qualify for a nursing license. You need tp pick a country beause you want to live there, not just because it's the easiest place to get into. Do you have any nursing experience? What country did you have in mind?

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if you pick a country based on your IELTS score, then I think only some states in the US will accept it. But be mindful of the employment and immigration difficulties you'll be facing.

but if you choose a country first, this one country that you really want to go to, then I would advise to adjust your IELTS accordingly. Retake, if feasible. At the moment, Australia and NZ maybe the most open developed countries in terms of immigration. Employment? Can be very tough.

tnx for the reply. Yes, I have a nursing experience. I have been a staff nurse in a tertiary hospital for about two years and I am currently a company nurse. I am planning/thinking of going to australia or netherlands. The reason why I cant apply for australia for a bridging course for nurses is that I havent met their required ielts band score. Is there any other way aside from taking ielts?

No, we speak english, actually its Australian, with many accents and due to the poor communication from overseas nurses from non english speaking countries in the past which sometimes have resulted in poor outcomes, they (AHPRA) eventually introduced an english test. Though those nurses from ''some'' countries that are exempt, we sometimes wonder why?

Even if you did a complete nursing degree in Australia, IELTS would still be required for you to register as a nurse.

Do the english test again. I have heard OET?is easier and better for professionals though more expensive but it is accepted.

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