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Filipina RN & Dutch IAM professional wanting to move to Canada

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I dont know if this has been asked already, but the search engine is giving new and ancient result wich arent really helping me. I have several questions, but let me give a small introduction first. I'm Dutch and about to graduate in 5 months. My fiance is a Filipina and is a RN with 2 years experience in Saudi Arabia. Right now we're looking to live and work in Canada. I want to marry my fiance in a few months when she'll be here in the Netherlands (she's in the Philippines right now). She'll also take IELTS this month.

I'm trying to apply for my fiance, but i seem to be in an endless loop: getting a job offer as a nurse requires that she's registered, to be registered she needs a visa, to get a visa she needs a job offer. Where do i start?

Is it possible for me to get a job in Canada as, for instance, a webdesigner (i have 2 university bachelor degrees) and bring my wife to Canada, where she'll try to get registered? Or is it better for her to be registered before going to Canada?

What states are currently hiring? I read several posts, all saying different things. As long as it isnt -40 degrees i'm pretty sure we can live thru the winter. My uncle (unfortunately deceased) was Canadian and he said that the clothing will protect you from the cold, he even took off some clothes because it was too hot :D Off-topic: he was a bit on the heavy side with 150+ kg so him getting hot might not apply for us skinny people :D Back on topic, i think i can work in pretty much any city as webdesign companies are everywhere. From what i've seen, Torronto looks nice!

I would appreciate any info i could get! Thanks in advance!

Canada has provinces not states.

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Starting point would be getting her credentials and training sorted by the province you plan on living and working in.

Points to be aware nurses are on the job shortage list however the 1000 allocation has been used up for this year so unless she gets a job and most employers prefer eligibility to sit CRNE or have passed CRNE to offer a job she will not be able to apply for PR via the FSW route.

You as IT may find it hard to get a job as IT in most cases has been removed from the shortage list (am sure web design has been removed)

As mentioned Canada has provinces not states and each province has their own requirements as well as weather conditions, some provinces get a lot of snow during the winter months where others get a lot of rain. You need to decide where you plan to live and then look at routes you plan on using to get here.

Suggested reading

Links to the Provincial Colleges of Nursing - Nursing for Nurses


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Thank you for your replies. Very sorry to confuse provinces with states :)

Hmm .. so its very likely that one or both of us will have a lot of trouble finding work. I guess Canada is not the right place for now then. RN still seems to be on the shortage list, but if i cant find work there's little point for me to migrate. I'll just try to apply then and see if they want to hire me. If so we can try, if not then we'll have to look at other options.

Thanks for your help, it's much appreciated


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