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I attended the information meeting at my prospective nursing school today and I left with more questions than I came with! If anyone can help me with any of them, I'd appreciate it!

Transcripts - I went to college 19 years ago and did really poorly in a developmental algebra class. I got an F. My school factors in all classes for an overall GPA (and then calculates a relevant math/science GPA). Is this common practice? Is there any (ethical) way to not have this negatively impact me?

AAS - Is there any benefit to completing my Associates of Applied Science before transferring to get my BSN? I ask because I'm already on track to get my AAS, just one more class, but maybe I'm wasting my time/cash. Maybe I'm not.

Chemistry - For my AAS, I needed Chem I with lab. For the BSN program, I need Chem II (no lab) or Organic Chem I - which one should I take? I'm looking for fun and, honestly, easy. I liked Chem I and I got a strong B, but easy = better for me.

Thanks for reading!

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Transcripts: IT really depends on the program you are applying to. Some will factor in the GPA of every class ever taken at any point in your life. Some will factor in pre-req GPA only. Some will replace or average GPA scores of a poorly done course if retaken with higher score. If you've taken a lot of coursework since that time the one failing score may not even affect your overall GPA all that much. I'd suggest talking to an adviser to figure out which strategies may be helpful to you given this old score.

AAS: Some universities and colleges give a bonus to transfer students in the admissions process if they have an associate's degree obtained. This information is likely somewhere on the school's website under "transfer student information" or similar heading.

Chem: Speak to an adviser about this. It may be possible to substitute chem courses it may not. You may need to talk to advisers on both ends unless the CC you are at sends a lot of transfer student to the university you are looking at so the advisers are familiar with requirements.


I know I can take either Chem class - I was just curious about which was easier.

I think I'll stick on the AAS course, because an extra degree certainly never hurt anyone!


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Transcripts really do depend on the college. I failed my first CNA attempt because I missed class due to pregnancy sickness. A year later, I retook it and got an A. Now the F is still there but they took my second attempt in lieu of the F instead of averaging it. This is something to talk with an advisor about.

AAS: you could do that then go on to BSN. You'd be more likely to be granted acceptance since you completed a degree that contained your core sciences.

Chem: try organic. My friends with chem backgrounds seemed to enjoy that class.

I did retake the class and got an A, so maybe they will average that, I hadn't thought of that possibility! Thank you so much!