Feuer Nursing Review Verses Kaplan Review


First I want to say hello to everyone, I have been a member of this site for over a year now and I am finally scheduled to sit for Nclex in one week on the 27th of this month. Well here is my delema, I have been utilizeing Kaplan classroom anywhere for a month now, I read the entire course book, completed the entire QBANK.with over all completion of 68%. I also watched all the content videos and when I was done I took the readiness test and scored 70%.....A friend of mine who is an RN said that I should push my date back and and use Feuer Nclex Review because I have not been been doing good at all with SATA and Pharm. She have the review and will let me use it for free. I honestly feel that I will be ok by next week I don't want to change my date but at the same time I graduated last year January and failed the first time so should I take a few more weeks and utilize the Feuer or just keep my date? Please any advice will truly be appreaciated!!!!!

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Only you are capable of knowing if you are ready. I was in your position last week trying to decide if I should change my date. But, after thinking long and hard I kept my date (which was 8/17). What helped me was asking myself, what else am I going to learn that I already don't know? I thought if I changed my date I would be doing the same review but just going another route. I hope I helped. Good luck to you with whatever you choose.


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OK that's a good deal do you also have lacharity prioritization book?