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Fertility/IVF nurse practitioner


Hey everyone! I'm really interested in IVF and fertility and was wondering if anyone out there is in this field as a nurse practitioner. I'm currently a NICU nurse and looking to back to school soon.

Thanks for any input!


Has 20 years experience.

Following as I am interested in this as well.


Has 25 years experience.

i am still in school but i can tell you that I saw a fertility NP MANY times between 2001 and 2002, when the fertility team finally was successful for me, then again from 2009-2011. I LOVE my fertility NP. She is genuine, warm, caring, listening, and really ReALLY cares about helping her patients succeed. Of course, i LOVE my fertility doc too, but I saw her (NP) WAY more than I saw him over my fertility courses. the one thing that i think is a huge consideration in this type of job is the fact that unless you have a large support staff, you probably have to take a lot of your work home with you (example- some patients fall into a cycle over a weekend, and may need new prescriptions, IUI, etc over the weekend hours)...seems like a really enjoyable job though, one that i've considered too!