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Any one out there find a job in any state with a felony?

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I just posted a letter asking about my chances on being just a cna, a while ago. I too have a felony record that's 12yrs old. I just finished cna class and passed with a 92%A. I have to write the State Board of Florida to basically get their approval to take the State exam. My felony is Grand Theft and Dealing in Stolen Property. It's a family issue. I didnt steal from ANYONE. I had to explain my felony to two clinical sites. Once they heard my story-they felt sorry for me and approved me. Did you get approved by the State you're in?? I mean, did you pass the State Board and now you can't find a job or what?? Let me know. Thanks, Wendy

The question is a good one. Any job -- let alone nursing---in any state, with a felony. My attorney told me misdemeanors are now looked upon by employers as felonies.

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First of all, it depends on the time frame of when you got the felony conviction and what is was for. There are certain felony convictions that will absolutely prevent you from getting any job in health care and those have to do with any history of client abuse, sexual assault and any crime against a person under your care. If you have a history of homicide, sexual crimes against a child etc, you won't get a job. It is IMPERATIVE that you be totally honest on your employment application about your felony. Give the dates and information about the conviction, and what it was for. For example, I had a nurse have a felony DUI 15 years before he applied for a job with me. And I was going to hire him. But he lied on his employment application and you can't do that. If he had been truthful I would have hired him in a minute. It was 15 years ago with absolutely no criminal history after that date. I had no reason not to hire him until he lied on his application.