fellow nurses: what do you think about Kangen water?


Is it really beneficial for health??

I went to their website and of course, mostly are positive as a marketing strategy. Id prefer to hear the opinion of nurses out here. Thanks =)


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Do a google search on Kangen Water, and read some of the sites with negative information they are saying it is Ionized Water, and you will be asked to buy it at a cost higher than need be. Do your research. Also look for other peoples experiences with the water.


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My brother and I have been doing lots of research on Kangen water after attending a demo. We have decided to go with another company that is a lot cheaper but we'll still be able to drink great water. For us it is not about making money but more about drinking better water.


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colossal scam. first of all, your body does not need to be neutralized from the acidic foods you eat..it excretes excess acid by exhaling carbon dioxide. save your money as all water ends up alkaline anyway by pancreatic secretions.


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Somewhere I read that drinking acidic water from time to time is not all bad. I personally like Fiji and eVamor water but they are godawful expensive. A local supermarket Meijer used to have their very own brand of gallon water and it was delicious (I'm not a water drinker either). Then they changed sources and I can taste the difference. Something tells me however, that you can live without this Kangen water.

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