Feels weird to be done with school


So I just finished my LVN-BSN program through the University of Phoenix. It was a really intense program with a lot of ATI, clinicals, papers, presentations, and projects. I wrapped up last week, but I feel like I'm preparing for the next class or the next set of drama to unfold. I'm over missing my classmates cause we had a solid cohort that stayed together for 3 years. I'm just spending time to get back in the swing of things and preparing to study for the nclex. In a sense I am still in shock that I completed school. I have had mini celebrations. I do have a hangup about the lost time with my family, but I had no control over that. I have tons of projects that I want to complete such as fixing my garage or cleaning gutters, but I can't because studying is the priority. I stay busy though cause I have full-time job and had it throughout the program. I'm sure I'll get over this feeling as the weeks and months go by.

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I feel the same. I graduate this Friday... and it is so weird to be done with school. (I was in a part time 3 year evening program) I have to get back into studying so that I can pass NCLEX.

Congratulations and good luck with boards =)


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I felt the exact same way after my BSN. Went right to college after high school, elected to stop my biology major after 2 years when I realized I wanted to go to nursing school. After diploma nursing school, went right into BSN courses. And then... it was very strange feeling to not have a paper or other assignment hanging over my head. It took me months to not feel guilty for relaxing with just the TV.

Congrats on your graduation and good luck on the NCLEX, to you both.


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Hi. Congratulations on finishing BSN program. I envy you. I think you deserve a vacation! I am a LVN as well and wants to transition to RN. I am really interested in UoPhenix LVN to BSN program. How hard was it to get into the program, and how long was the program? What was your GPA and TEAS score for admission? sorry If I asked a lot of questions. It is just difficult to get into programs nowadays. thank you :)