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Feelings on waitlists.


Ok, so I'm currently in the 'limbo' phase of direct-entry MSN application hell. I applied to my programs, got into two (of course the two that I had counted as my 'back-up' programs), got flat-out rejected by one and waitlisted at two others. I said no to one of the schools I got into and now have to decided whether or not to say no to the other place. The thing is, I REALLY want to go to either of my other waitlisted programs, so how do you all feel about chances concerning waitlisting? I mean, should I just go to the one place I got into and be done with it or should I wait and see what happens with the other schools? I think I would just kick myself for years to come if I accepted at one school and then got off the waitlist at the places I really wanted to go.

What are your thoughts and feelings? And am I crazy for not accepting the places I actually got into?

I'll tell you what I did...I wasn't waitlisted but my back up school accepted be earlier (due to rolling admission) than the other schools I applied to. They only gave me 30 days (I think) to reject or pay the deposit. Because I hadn't heard from the other schools yet, I paid the deposit and then later rescinded my acceptance in a formal letter. I know this sounds unprofessional, but it was my only option at the time. Also, this program did rolling admission, so I didn't hold anyone's spot for long.

In the end, I received acceptances to the other, more prestigious programs. If I hadn't though, I knew that I would have a spot somewhere. Nursing school is nursing school though.

This was just my experience. Hopefully you will get more advice on this thread. Good luck!!

As difficult as it is to gain acceptance to nursing school at this time, I would go with the school that accepted you. If circumstances should change before school starts, you can decline at the last minute. Congratulations on getting accepted to two schools!

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