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Today I got a B on a sociology exam. I'm so ashamed. I studied so hard for this exam, and it's an easy class that I should be able to get an A in. It was a multiple choice test, and on some of the questions the answers were so similar that it confused me and I chose the wrong answer.

I feel terrible about this. Next semester I'm taking much more difficult classes (Anatomy & Physiology, Chemistry, Pharmacology) and I'm terrified I'm going to fail. Last semester I got a B in Algebra and A's in the other courses.

I feel like an idiot who's bad at academics. Maybe my study skills aren't good. I just don't know what I'm doing wrong. I want so badly to be an A student. I got tutoring for Algebra last semester because I felt so bad that I wasn't getting an A, but I still earned only a B.


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From what I've learned in college a B isn't bad! I have had much worse grades on my transcript and I got in for the fall of 2012 :) Do not stress out on it, it does not do anything good! If you're worried try having private universities as back ups! or ASN degrees.

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Everything I have read and heard has lead me to believe that its usually the sciences that the schools really want the A's in. As long as your GPA is still high with A's and B's you should not have problem. Keep studying and don't stress, don't let this one exam get you down about future classes.

Good Luck!! You'll do fine!!


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Sometimes the easy classes are the toughest because you aren't interested in them or the teacher requires pointless busy work. It's right that most schools look more closely at science grades than other requirements.

It helped me with Chemistry to borrow "Chemistry for Dummies" from the library and to use a booklet that came with the Chem book called Essential Math for Chemistry Students. Offered lots of tricks and shortcuts.

For Anatomy get the flashcards from the bookstore (I've also seen them at Sams Club) and keep the systems you're working on with you so you can review whenever you have a free minute. The class is mostly memorization and the repetition will help you learn.

In any class look on youtube or other sites for tutorials. I've been amazed by the great resources out there. Sometimes seeing the same info taught in a different way helps.

Don't be discouraged, just keep going.


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if you're worried about your grades in the sciences, don't overload your schedule and focus on those classes. Most programs want A's in the science classes and rank higher if you do. I hate getting B's, but had to suck it up and take one over the fall and one over the summer (paired with two hard sciences I got A's in). My priority was the science class. Another thing, don't change your answers on a test unless you are SURE it is the right one. Often your first choice is the right one.

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I wold not worry about it. I found that my tests were a lot harder when I took Human Growth and Development than in my Bio class and I studied a lot more for my "easy" class. I sometimes felt the answers in my development class were subjective and could have gone either way depending on the phrasing of the question. This was not the case in my bio class. Do not worry too much, the grade is there and no way to change it (easier said than done). Just one day at a time is all you can really do.

you're being too hard on yourself captainmeowbot. :( a 'b' is not a bad grade! just do the best you can do in your classes and try not to worry so much.

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Thanks so much, guys. I'm going to get the extra study materials for the science courses. I think I need to google 'test taking skills' also, I get too anxious during exams.


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Don't drive yourself crazy over getting a B. You can't get an A every time. Maybe it's because you were so strung out/stressed about the exam. Better luck next time.