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Hey all,

Well, I just wanted to say that I had my first semester orientation on Thursday and start classes Monday. I'm feeling excited about finally getting started and also quite nervous, but some of my fears were assuaged by hearing the speakers at the orientation. The instructors seem nice and seem that they genuinely want us to do well, but we'll see.

Just wanted to let everyone know that I'm about to jump into this thing for real and to ask those of you that are so inclined to pray for me. Lord knows I'm gonna need it. :eek:

Thank all of yall for your neverending support. :kiss

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Look through this board and check out all the study tips--they will REALLY help a lot!

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Woo hoo Aimee!!! Welcome to the club. I've spent the last 3 days studying for my first exam on Monday. Seems like once the class starts, it's non-stop. Definitely keep in touch!!!!!!!

When do you start clinicals? What type of uniform do you have to wear? What is your class schedule like?


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Congratulations! Good luck!


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Jennerizer, my schedule isn't bad: Monday--8 to 12, Tuesday--8 to 10:50, then 5:30 to 7, Wednesday--8 to 12:50, Thursday--8 to about 2, then Friday is clinicals from 6:30 to 1 or 2. I don't know when clinicals start, but we won't get our uniforms till the week of the 20th. We wear a green polo shirt, green scrub pants and a white vest with our insignia on it. We're all gonna look like we work at Baskin Robbins. :chuckle My boyfriend can't wait to see me in it so he can make fun of me.

I will keep in touch and good luck on your exam! I'll have one in a couple of weeks.....

God bless all,



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