Feeling so Overwhelmed by Finals


I have had this anxious feeling rising up in my chest in response to everything on my plate and now I feel like I'm about to implode. I have the first final of my first semester of nursing school tomorrow and I am so worn out, disspirited, and scared I just feel like I have no where to go with these feelings.

I have a major research project that I am getting paid to do that I am doing on the side for a professor that was due two days ago and I am so behind on it. I really love this professor and I really don't want to screw this up but I don't know what to tell him and I don't know how I'm going to finish the project and find time to study for finals.

I have a final next week that we have to get a 70% on or we fail the whole semester and have to repeat all six classes of this level next semester which is scary on so many levels. This final is in the class where the average grade for the first exam was a 61%. Our professor just posted our study guide a week before the final and it's four pages with over 170 concepts on it yet the exam will only have 60 questions, yikes! I just feel like there is not enough time in the day for me to prepare for that one exam alone. I have two other finals that I have to prepare for as well.

I just feel so overwhelmed and so unsure of how I am going to get this all done in the next week and a half, pass, and preserve my gpa as well as my sanity. I am so tired and so so nervous. I just felt the need to get this all off my chest. Thanks for listening...


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Just as a clarification I reread my post and realized that my saying "I really love this professor," sounds really creepy. What I meant to say is I admire him, I think he's a good professor, I look up to him in an purely academic sense. Just thought I'd add that...


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can i suggest something if its ok? :icon_hug:

for the study guide, is there any possible way that you can get some of your classmates and maybe split up the concepts that way each student does their part and all the concepts get done. (each student can do 5-10 that way all the concepts get done).

since your project was due 2 days ago, just approach your professor and tell him your situation, maybe he won't mind extending the due date for you. the worst that he will say is no, but it will not hurt to ask.

i know time is of the essence, but just keep telling yourself you will get through this. just put your finals in order, and find out what you can do about your project. i know studying for all of your finals in 1-2 weeks with so much material is suicide, but cramming will not help. focus on a study plan if you can and see if you can make a study schedule that will allow you some study time each day for each class even if its for 1 hour. don't exhaust yourself, take breaks, eat snacks, otherwise you will not retain what you study. i hope this helps, and i hope it makes sense. i wish you all the best for your project and your finals. just try and focus, and don't waste any energy stressing--that will only lead to lost time you could have had studying. :)

take care~

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