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I return to school monday January 14th, but I am starting to wonder why I am doing all of this. I guess it's a combination of the negative comments I have been hearing about nursing & not feeling like I am making enough progress. What do the rest of you all do when you need to be reminded why you are in nursing school?

jschut, BSN, RN

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I personally remember all the many years I have fought to get even this far! And I know I will push on! I AM going to be a nurse, and a darn good one! It's been my dream for a loooooooong time, and I am not letting go now!

If nursing is a dream in your heart, that you have had for years, you won't let go...even when the going gets tough.

Hang in there!



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Please don't let what other nurses are saying get you down. If you listen to anyone in any profession there are those that complain alot. Those are the people that are unhappy with their jobs and aren't doing anything to create a better atmosphere for themselves. I use to read alot of different BB's and read alot of negative comments from nurses but this is a profession that I have chosen I will graduate in May of next year and I am really excited about it!! I am not sure if you have had clinicals yet but just the good feeling you get knowing that you have helped someone that day is such a rewarding feeling. Keep your chin up and let the negative comments go in one ear and out the other. You are in charge of your happiness and you have the power to make your surroundings a pleasant place to be!!!!



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Thank you both for the encouragement. Today was just a tough day for me. I have been working more hours during the break & just haven't had much time for me. Tomorrow is another day though!



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I think we all have days like you did where we just think that maybe we are up against a wall sometimes.

Education is NOT a waste of time, everything you have done so far is a benefit to you and to your fellow man !!

Hang in there


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