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Feeling like quitting before starting

by nerdy student nerdy student (Member)

I have failed the math section of the HESI for the 3rd time today. I do not know what to do! I feel like quitting before I have even started!I was eating breathing living out of the hesi study guide for 3 weeks before the test, and still failed.I feel like if I can't master basic math, do I have any business being a nurse?

Does anyone have any advice? I am feeling so down and very demoralized.


meanmaryjean, DNP, RN

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You CAN conquer this! Most community colleges offer 'remedial' level math for people like you. And tutoring services too. Just because you're not good at it NOW doesn't have to mean you'll NEVER be good at it. Maybe those math classes put you back a year. So what? You'll still get there if you really put your mind to it. (Studying an exam-specific study guide is probably the WORST way to learn basic math.)

Youtube videos and kahnacademy has helped refresh my math. A lot of colleges offer free math workshops or tutoring sessions, too

llg, PhD, RN

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It's time to stop reviewing materials on your own ... and time to start fixing your math problem. Enroll in a remedial class through whatever community college or adult education programs are available to you. You need to get your math scores up to par before moving on.

At my local library they have algebra 1 & algebra 2 for dummies. Both of them have workbooks. Maybe give them a shot. I needed algebra 2 to review for my college placement test. Helped me alot. I bypassed the learning support classes.

I have been using both, I think Khan Academy helped me more then anything else.