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Hello everyone I have been working at my job for the past 6 yrs as a GNA. I am currently a junior in nursing school. I was just offered a position as a nursing student at a nearby hospital, my current job is a nursing home. It would be impossible for me to work both jobs because at my current job I work every weekend and this job would require every other weekend, 12 hr shifts. My dilemma is that the new job allows u to work as many hours that would like to during the summer along with exposure to different skills that I would never be exposed to at a nursing home and allow you to go prn when the semester starts again. In order to work this job I would have to resign from my current job. I know that the new job is a great opportunity for me but I am feeling some kinda of way thinking about leaving my current job. I am not sure if its because I have been there for so long or am I just second guessing myself on what I should do? What do you think?

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You need to take the new job, honestly. You are not going to be at the nursing home very long anyway and the experience at the hospital will be extremely valuable to your new career and potential for employment after graduation. Life is about change, especially when you are in school pursuing a new career. Of course it makes you feel anxious. Everyone has anxiety when stepping out of their comfort zone and everyone hates to leave a situation in which they have been happy. But your life is changing - flow with it. Congratulations on being offered the externship position. They are difficult to get these days. Be proud of yourself and make the most of this opportunity!