Feedback please... FNP program after only psych experience. Thoughts?

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Hi everyone! Do any FNP's have a history of only psych experience prior to starting the program? I am considering FNP route but not sure with my history in psych how this would play out. Any feedback appreciated :)

Stay with Psych and do PNP. Your experience will serve you well. The market for FNPs is declining.

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There's really good opportunity and pay in psych as an NP. You can do a PMHNP program and you'd be well-prepared since you already have an appropriate background.

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PMHNP opportunities are hot now. I would consider doing that instead of FNP.

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What is your ultimate career goal? Have you talked to other FNPs in your state (or the state where you would like to live and practice)? As an FNP in primary care I can tell you that in the big picture, your psych experience would serve you well as an FNP in primary care because people of all ages have unmet psych needs. Your psych background would give you a foundation for addressing those needs in a way that the rest of your primary care colleagues could only dream of. The FNP curriculum is tough because it makes you a generalist in an age of specialization, but, what you get out of it is a unique and valuable perspective. Think long and hard about your ability, willingness, and desire to perform primary care procedures, because that is a big part of FNP practice and it occurs to me that those skills will likely be one of the biggest differences from what you are doing now. My advice is to do some more investigation, and even see if you can shadow some local FNPs and PMHNP's (or at least do informational interviews with them) to see what "a day in the life" is like before you make a decision. I hope that helps.

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