Fee waivers


Applying to accelerated programs - how can we get fee waivers? $50-$80 per application is costing me a fortune. What is the fastest and most efficient way to request fee waivers?

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 I doubt you can get those fees waived. Read the applications closely and there's very likely to be a sentence on there somewhere that states something like application fees are required and are not refundable. No wiggle room, no box you can check requesting reduced or waived application fees so likely no way out of paying it.

At the least there will be no way to get out of paying it without dealing with so much red tape it's not even worth trying. Especially during the application process. Programs can be super competitive to get into and while a school would likely never admit to it any applicants that are trying to duck their application fees would likely go to the bottom of the pile when it's time for acceptance letters to go out.