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Allot of people have been asking me about federal student aid. This is the website to find out more.


This is the student guide for this school year. I found that my financial aid officer didn't know very much and copied allot of the info on this page to take with me when I had to visit her office (not my favorite place, usually ended in an argument!). When you go to your financial aid officer, have all of your facts with you so when they tell you "that is not true", you can show them the info taken right off the web site of the US Government!!!

Federal Student Loans for nursing students is on this site also.

Good luck fighting with financial aid!! Never give up when you know that you are right!! If need be call the regional manager for the US Department of Education (also listed somewhere in this site) and they will be more than happy to call your financial aid office and "straighten them out"!!!!

I looked through the site you gave, but I didn't see federal loans for nursing. :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused:

If I am remembering correctly, loans are not backed by the goverment, but rather by financial institutions and the schools themselves. Not every school will offer every loan. The Perkins loan is forgiveable up to 100% for nurses, but again not every school offers it. There are some loans for nursing students that are forgiveable that are offered by the individual schools. Some schools have their own loans that you won't find anywhere else. To start the financial aid process, fill out the FAFSA. You can find it at the above listed site. When your school receives your financial info from this form, you can go in and speak with the financial aid counselor to determine what forms of financial aid will best meet your needs. There are also grants. The Pell grant is offered by the gov't. I don't qualify for that, but I did qualify for a grant from my school that was equitable in $$ to what I've received from the Pell grant in the past. Your best bet is to call the financial aid office at your school and ask what kind of aid they have available for nursing students. Hope this helps.

Thank you Shyviolet. I'm in a search for whatever financial help I can get so I can continue with my studies.

Another good site to search for financial aid online is http://www.fastweb.com. I found it very useful in school, you can search for private and government grants and scholarships.

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