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Fed up with Stupid Parents

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You are reading page 7 of Fed up with Stupid Parents. If you want to start from the beginning Go to First Page.

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A good nurse who has nothing but good intentions, as I assume the OP to be, can make mistakes. Is it my job to identify and point out others' mistakes? No, it isn't, and I know that. But if I was being hurtful and didn't know it then I would want someone to tell me.

The purpose of her post was to blow off steam, because she was frustrated with certain very irresponsible things parents do sometimes, which generally can be attributed to not taking care of things when they should have and then expecting the office to attend to their issue ASAP, without thought of how their behavior impacts other people who are playing by the rules. It's an opinion. So the idea of it being a "mistake" has nothing to do with this discussion.

I'm sorry that you have felt that people are shaming you because you were on Medicaid. However, I think that you are being over-sensitive. The nurse who sighed when you told her you didn't have a thermometer at home shouldn't have done that if her intention really was to imply that you are a terrible parent. I wasn't there, but I think it's possible it meant something else, especially since you found the OP's post personally hurtful to you as well.

In the very first paragraph of her post, she said that not all Medicaid parents are like this. MY kids were on Medicaid for a while some years back, too!! But I'm not reading anything into the OP's comments. I know she wasn't talking about me!!Best wishes to you, nobody here is pointing fingers at you. Honest.

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