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I saw the post below about nurses who become "obsessed" about a certain illness and getting it... but I was thinking about this and it may get alittle sick (in a different sense of the word cuz your nurses :p )

You know over time people talk about pain/death/fears etc. Anyway when these conversations came up I usually sat silent not knowing WHAT I was afriad of. The other day though I was talking with my sister about the Sniper Shootings in North Eastern US (?) and the trial and she started to laugh.... well she reminded me of a conversation we had over a year ago about How would you like to die (not that we talk about these things daily but, sometimes they come up) Anyway I forgot about this part entirely.... I apperantly said "by a sniper, just think your pumping gas one day and you look up and say "Oh Hi God"" ... Anyway that got me thinking.... My whole life has been spent avoiding pain in every possible way..... I don't even know what Physical pain is... I've never felt it... I've never broken a bone, or got hurt or had to deal with my own physical pain... I handle people who are in pain very well... I can calm them down, make them laugh and "help" them cry....

I was wondering how many of you have spent almost all your time avoiding something or doing something so you don't have to deal with a fear.

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sandstormsdust :)

You can lay perfectly still for the rest of your life, and guess what? DEATH is going to come. There is NO escape from death.

So, enjoy your life to the fullest in a way that makes you happy.

When it comes to FEAR.........embrace it! It's there for a purpose. It is what saves us from ourselves sometimes, and the dangers that often come with living...breathing...being. Sometimes FEAR is a friend we all need for our own good. :)

Now...COURAGE is what we develop in the midst of FEAR if we are open to the lesson of it all. David slew Goliath and he was DEFINITELY fearful of the task that lay before him. Yet...he marched forward with COURAGE in spite of his fear because his underlying passion drove him to do what he knew he had to do.

Hope this helps you begin to live your life more abundantly IN SPITE OF the fears you conger up that imprison you from doing so. Tell yourself everytime you feel "FEAR", that today you are going to meet "FEAR's Partner"........COURAGE. :kiss

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Fear is actually healthy

courage is healthy

GOLF is healthier


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Some fear is healthy and going on in spite of fear is courageous. In my experience, obsessing about something, whether a disease or fear itself, is a way of avoiding some other issue.


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Chances are when it happens to you, you will find resources you didn't know you had and handle it just fine.

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" you have nothing to fear but fear itself"

F. D. R.

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