Fear of going back


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I go back to school in three weeks for my second semester out of three for my RN. I originally failed this semester due to being a bad test taker. I'm just not sure how to get over this fear of doing the entire semester again, and failing again.

I've prepped very well, at least I think so. I've started rereading my content, wrote a few small papers for the class already, and got my accommodations set up for exams. I'm really happy about these things. I've even got a friend that I go to the library with, and we'll be in the same semester.

I'm scared of failing again. Is there anything else I can do to get over this fear? Does anyone have any tips or comforting words? ?


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You have been proactive when approaching this semester and I applaud you. Does your school have a "Study Skills Specialist"? These learning professionals have a lot of strategies too to help your learn. Sometimes the SSS set up study groups which you might consider. Consider this semester to be a full time job with many overtime sessions. Best of luck for you...all your hard work will pay off!