FDA Warns Certain Zicam Products Can Permanently Damage Smell

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fda advises consumers not to use certain zicam cold remedies

the u.s. fda advised consumers to stop using three products marketed over-the-counter as cold remedies because they are associated with the loss of sense of smell (anosmia).

the products are:

zicam cold remedy nasal gel

zicam cold remedy nasal swabs

kids size zicam cold remedy swabs (a discontinued product).

the fda has received more than 130 reports of loss of sense of smell associated with the use of these three zicam products. in these reports, many people who experienced a loss of smell said the condition occurred with the first dose; others reported a loss of the sense of smell after multiple uses of the products...

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A MN man was one of the sentinel cases in this case.

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My mother swears by the stuff. Been trying to talk me into using it for months.

I feel so vindicated.

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